What to expect from the Chargers this season?

In the new NFL season, there’s a lot more coming from the Chargers… Los Angeles Chargers’2019 will have a new lease of life! If you are into sports betting with NJ Sports betting apps, we are sure you are already excited.

The Chargers have added up to their team. The new humble additions are Thomas Davis and quarterback Tyrod Taylor!

They have also re-signed Denzel Perryman and Brandon Mebane.

The GM, Telesco has been signed up for anI extension- The Chargers have come to a consensus for an extension with General Manager Tom Telesco.

Chargers extend the contract with Rivers

Telesco is fine with Philip Rivers to play for a few more seasons. Chargers quarterback Rivers will play some time more!

Chargers make DT Liuget a free agent

Telesco said, “Liuget could resign with the team during a free agency”. The chargers announced it won’t pick up Defensive tackle Corey Liuget 2019 contract.

A few Tweaks required, here and there!

It’s important to revamp their game and their presence felt. The chargers have to pull up their socks on the defensive line. Upgrades are needed at the guard and much more.

To make their game a formidable one this season, some steady changes are required.

Telesco thinks AAF could be a developmental league

AAF could be the NFL feeder League. Telesco remarked, “It has the potential to be a nice complement to the NFL”. Good!

Qualifying for some really interesting and passionate news, How the 32 NFL teams are in the volatile market?

What’s to be expected from each team is a major interesting caption.

The Chargers have agreed to sign Thomas Davis, formerly with panthers, a linebacker. This was announced on Twitter and social media. The Los Angeles Chargers have also retained their favorite free agent, Adrian Phillips on a one year deal.

Strong this season

This American Football Franchise is going to compete with full strength this season of NFL. With great professional skills, an expert Gm and some marvelous players, they are all set to go!

Tyrell Williams, Chargers free agent- says he’s the No,1 Receiver

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the fourth year receiver is standing at the top of the list of 14 free agents that finished the 2018 game with a score of 12-4.

All said and done, The Chargers must improve their game, with Philip River’s Super Bowl Window shutting down.

To land a home game in the playoffs this season, it’s essential that the Chargers improve at the linebacker and along the offensive, to ‘improve their game’.

Chargers 2019 Draft: What Not to Look For

Many punters are struggling to predict which new players the Chargers will pick this year. Normally, most fans make positive projections. However, some unexpected incidences occur occasionally. For example, a promo from Betfair was available last year since many people did not expect the Chargers to pick Derwin James. In this post, we discuss what not to look for in the Chargers 2019 draft.

Players with a High Football IQ

Avoid players who are considered smart. Some players play against weak conferences or for great teams to conceal their shortcomings. For instance, although Jahleel was smart, the Chargers did not draft him. On March this year, the Chargers posted Addae to an upstate farm to chase parked vehicles. He is a talented mogul. Nevertheless, his footspeed has significantly dropped of late.

Players with Rap Sheets

Do not draft players who have failed recent drug tests. Instead, conduct thorough research on their background. Also, avoid players with traces of cannabis in their bloodstreams. You could pick Johnny Manziel for a superb performance.

Don’t Pick Spanos

A.J Smith had few achievements when a Spanos directed the players. The owners trusted Smith. When a Spanos director is infuriated, they can fire an experienced coach like Marty Schottenheimer. It could result in a massive transfer of key players. Allow Tom Telesco to manage the team and fire him if he fails to meet his target. Tom Telesco proved his expertise in the Chargers’ recent games with Derwin James and Joey Bosa.

Small Players

Avoid drafting amateur players such as Jason Verrett who are usually shelved each season. However, you can pick Doug Fluties. He has a good winning record compared to many players. Besides, he started most NFL quarterbacks. The Chargers’ performance has steadily improved over the past offseason. They drafted prominent players such as Derwin James and Mike Pouncey.

Players with Recurring Injuries

Some bookers speculate that Denzel Perrymand and Jason Verrett will be free agents later this year. Verrett has been in five games for the last three seasons while Perryman missed over 20 games due to injuries.

The Chargers 2019 mock drafts are fast approaching. Several media outlets have posted numerous mocks in recent weeks. The Chargers are keen on drafting players who can solidify their offensive line. Learn more here to understand what they will do with their overall selection. It is prudent to prioritize your Chargers’ draft to get a promo code.

LA Chargers are the No. 1 team in the NFL

Just a couple of years ago, things weren’t looking good for the LA Chargers. The team made the move from San Diego to LA because they were unable to come to an agreement with the city about a new stadium. This move took place one year after the Rams came back to LA.

To be fair to the Rams, LA was their home before they move to St. Louis. Still, it was the Chargers who caught much of the flack when they returned. In fact, some critics went as far as to say that LA was only interested in the Rams.

This was just the beginning of the end. Since that time, it’s been an uphill battle for the team. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be like this for you. Not if you visit an NJ online casino, they offer their patrons very lucrative offers.

But, things are looking much better for the Chargers. In fact, their unbelievable season has risen the team’s stock significantly.

Although the year got off to a slow start (1-2), things have started to pick up. And, while there’s a slew of great teams in the NFL, the LA Chargers are doing a great job at standing out from the crowd.

Don’t agree? Just give us a few minutes of your time to see if we can change your mind.

It’s not just the mere fact that the Chargers are beating other teams, it’s how they are accomplishing this objective that proves they are one of the best teams in the NFL.

The Bengals, Steelers, Dolphins, and Ravens are great teams. But, they just don’t have the firepower that the Chargers have.

Simply look to Phil Rivers and the excellent job he’s done at piecing together one of the the best teams ever, with stars like Mike WIlliams, Tyrell Williams, and Keenan Allen. The intelligence it took to create this lineup is enough to make a legitimate claim that Rivers is the best, or at least most important, player this season.

Rivers himself is an oft-overlooked star. But, it’s relevant to note that his 94.4 passer rater is higher than the career ratings of well known stars like Brett Favre, Dan Marion, Joe Montana, and Ben Roethlisberger.

The offensive line is pretty solid too. Melvin Gordon is one of the best running backs in the NFL this season. Austin Ekeler is talented as well. There’s no better backup running back in the league. Plus, the defense has a ton of playmakers in its ranks as well.

With these phenomenal players on deck, the LA Chargers can go head to head with any team in the NFL. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Pragmatic Offseason Trades to Fill NFL Contenders’ Loopholes

The NFL teams are going through a series of changes and players are changing teams like anything. There were 15 trades conducted during July and August 2017 which saw 21 players changing their home turf. We could witness more deals till the summer lasts but for now let’s check out some of the hypothetical offseason trades that could fit the bill. If you know a little about the sport, you would know that this offseason is going to see a lot of activity, with major clubs trying to woo in potential players/

It doesn’t matter whether you love watching the NFL, know it in and out or are just looking for the right BetAmerica Promo Code to bid and bet on the Chargers, we are sure you would love to know more about this!

Jordan Howard moves to San Francisco 49ers

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo of San Francisco 49ers is going to need backup to play his first full season in the role of NFL starter. But the team had to let go of Carlos Hyde who was able to carry the 240 times in 16 games.

The team roped in Jerick McKinnon for a $30 million deal for 4 years in place of Hyde. But he doesn’t have a proven track record like Hyde and never had carried the ball 160 times in the season. We have to wait and see if San Francisco gets a fitting player to team with McKinnon from the house of Chicago Bears.

DeSean Jackson moves back to the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens has the talented quarterback Joe Flacco but there isn’t anyone to support his moves. Moreover the team has lost players like John Brown and Willie Snead in the recent years.

If the Ravens want to create some magic and get someone to support Flacco, they should be looking up to Tampa Bay Buccaneers form a formidable pair. We have to wait and see if they go for DeSean Jackson after the fiasco with Jameis Winston.

The team surely has the money to pay Jackson $10 million that is owed to him for 2019 so we have to see what comes out of it.

Jack Doyle transfer to Los Angeles Chargers

Hunter Henry is not there anymore to provide support to the Los Angeles Chargers who they lost to ACL. On the other hand, the Indianapolis Colts got hold of Eric Ebron for $13 million for a two year deal in March.

Both the team would benefit from the transfer of Jack Doyle who has made a name in the second season with 80 catches for 690 yards and achieved a Pro Bowl nod. If the Colts want to make use of both tight ends they may have to go through a difficult bargain. We can see some movements between the teams of Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and the Chargers.

Which is your favorite team apart from the Chargers? Let us know below!

Top 5 tight ends in Chargers history

Los Angeles Chargers have had some excellent players in the tight end position over the years. These tight ends are some of the best to have ever graced the game and have made sure that they never let their team down. And while you can always love to play online casino games with a SugarHouse casino promotional code, there is nothing like a good Chargers game – and we are sure you know about it too!

The Top 5 Tight Ends for the Chargers till Today

Here is our list of the top five tight ends who have played for the Chargers!

  1. Antonio Gates:

He is considered to be one of the greatest tight ends in the history of NFL, and that speaks volumes. His career with the Chargers was fruitful and exciting. He has always been athletic, and he changed the importance of the tight end position forever. Gates has 114 career touchdown receptions which is an astounding figure by itself.

  1. Kellen Winslow:

The numbers speak for him. He is known as one of the best tight ends in the history of the game itself. In his nine seasons with the Chargers, Winslow earned the name of the ‘Epic in Miami.’ Some of his most memorable performances have come in crucial matches for the Chargers that they won because of him. With 541 receptions and 45 touchdowns, he let his skills speak for themselves.

  1. Pete Holohan:

Holohan entered the team in 1981 when he was a seventh-round pick of the Chargers. After that, he continued to play for the team over seven seasons and delivered some stellar performances. He was always a productive tight end.

He was a backup during the first two years. When he caught 23 passes in the year 1983, he began to make a strong impression. 1984 was arguably his best year playing with the Chargers. He caught 56 passes for 734 yards while scoring one touchdown.

  1. Freddie Jones:

Chosen in the second round of the 1997 draft, Jones remains one of the best tight ends to have ever been associated with the Chargers. In the five seasons that he played for the Chargers, he made some solid contributions to the team. He is also known as the players to have caught the first every touchdown pass thrown by Drew Brees. Most of his best performances were between 1998-2000.

  1. Dave Kocourek:

He has not spent a lot of time with the team, but that does not reduce his brilliance. In his six seasons with the Chargers, he made sure that he gave them their best.

Kocourek was born in Chicago and went to college at Wisconsin. He upgraded to a professional when he began playing in the CFL. His entry into the AFL was with the Chargers, and he proved to be a key contributor in their championship win. In the six seasons he has played with them, he has caught 218 passes for 3,720 yards and scored 21 touchdowns.

Who is your favorite?

Will the Chargers be Successful in Los Angeles?

The Chargers made their entry in Los Angeles in 2017 and became the second NFL team in the city after the Rams. The move from San Diego where they played for 56 years seems to be a thing of the past with Los Angeles taking up the main spot right now. If you are into sports betting, we are sure you would have tried the draft promo code by now. It helps you bet on your favorite sports, as and when you want. And if you make the right prediction, you get to win big!

However, even if you haven’t and are a Chargers fan, you are sure to love the fact that the Chargers have a great prospect when it comes to succeeding in Los Angeles.

Chargers and the LA Sports Scene

The sports scene in LA is hot and happening and there are many events to keep your eyes on. The Dodgers have become a mainstream topic in the culture and lives of the LA folks so it would take a bit of effort from Chargers to lodge their position. We can be looking at a number of years before the Chargers get inclusion in songs like the Dodgers did in Beach Boy’s That Lucky Old Sun.

Though the Dodgers are on top right now, LA still has room for other sports like NFL to fit into the market. The Chargers will need to show some work as the city is a bit more receptive towards basketball than baseball. In this respect, the Lakers have their own spot in the hearts of LA people.

There seems to be two teams in football that are reigning in LA currently. We have seen a huge turnover at the USC tournament which has surpassed the attendance of both the Chargers and the Rams. But both team were expecting it and knew that they had a tough fight in front of them.

But the teams have been pleasantly surprised by the rise of three professional football leagues- the AAF and the XFL is going to rock the LA scene quite recently and we also have the Pacific Pro Football League up in the radar. Surely we are going to experience a lot of action and excitement in the coming days!

The tournaments are still a thing of the future for the Chargers. Right now they need to concentrate on what’s right before them and that is the Rams. They have shown quite a splendor and made the headlines with their recent off-season while the Raiders also followed in the same lines. But that is not a thing to worry about as success in NFL is only written by winning games on the field.

The Chargers will need to overcome the popularity of the Lakers who are doing quite well right now. The Chargers will have to stand out from the competition in their leagues and external matches and that is not going to be an easy task.