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Big Week 8 Matchup

The Chargers take on the 3-3 Chiefs in what is a surprisingly a big game in the AFC West. The Chargers come off a loss to the Jets in a game that they led 21-10 and the Chiefs have three straight wins after an 0-3 start in which they lost Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry for the season.

Although it’s being billed as a big game, I don’t believe the hype. The Chargers are the better team and the Chiefs resurgence is because of wins against the Vikings, Colts, and the Kyle Boller/Carson Palmer Raiders.

On offense, the Chargers have Antonio Gates back for a second straight week. Phillip Rivers has been catching some heat for his play of late but I see him coming out angry and tearing apart the Chiefs defense.

On defense, the Chargers have to stop Dwayne Bowe. Bowe their lone legitimate threat is a dynamic WR and can cause damage. Jackie Battle will get the majority of the carries at RB as he looks to continue he string of success running the ball.

Key Match-up: Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd: Both of these tall WRs were almost non existent last week against the Jets so they must come out and have big games.

Outcome: The Chargers win the rematch in which they won the 1st game 20-17. They win round 2, 31-17.



Jets Charge Into Bye Week

Jets Charge Into Bye Week

Plaxico Burress had his best game as a Jet today vs. the Chargers.  He led the Jets offense with 3 touchdowns.  Burress looked like his old self today and was unstoppable in the red zone.  This is why the Jets picked up Plax.  They didn’t have a great red zone offense last year but Plax is trying to change that. 

Revis led the Jets on defense.  The Chargers were driving late in the fourth to try and seal the victory but Revis picked off Rivers and had a huge return.  Antonio Cromartie a former Charger played a good game against his old team on defense also. 

Another Former Charger L.T. started off quick for the Jets but could not finish the game due to an illness.  The Chargers now drop to 4-2 and the Jets are 4-3 going into their bye week.

This was a huge win for the Jets.  They are undefeated at home this year (4-0).  They haven’t won on the road yet though.  They will get a chance to win on the road in a couple weeks when they go to play a big Division game in Buffalo. 



Just letting everyone know I am a diehard Jets Fan.  I go to most home games every season and even some away games.  Enjoy a different take and perspective on your team. 

Week 4: Take Care of Business

Once again the Chargers have a 2nd straight week where they face a team that they are better than. Last week, they struggled with the Chargers and this week they take on the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are not a better team and the Chargers should be able to win this game easily. On defense, the Chargers can not let Chad Henne get in rhythm. Henne is at his best when he can completes multiple passes and gets his confidence up. If Henne and WR Brandon Marshall start connecting on passes, look for this game to be close.

On offense, look for the Chargers to continue their balanced offense. Ryan Matthews will look to continue to improve on his successful sophomore year in which he rush for 98 yards and 2 touchdowns last week. I am still looking for the wake up game in which the Chargers will flex their offensive weapons.

Key to the Game: Chargers Pass Offense vs. Dolphins Pass Defense – it’s no secret that the Chargers have weapons. If the Dolphins can’t stop Philip Rivers then the Chargers will win this game in a landslide.

Outcome: The Chargers win this game 27-10.