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Chargers want your Money! Threaten Black-Outs if Tickets go Unsold

After reports surfaced that the NFL’s attendance peaked in 2007 and has since then decreased by 4.5%, the NFL adjusted their rules to lessen the required attendance at games to avoid black-outs. Starting this season, teams only need to fill 85% of the stadiums to avoid local black-outs, which has happened to the Chargers six times in the past two seasons. However, just because the NFL now permits lower attendance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the teams need to go along with the more lenient rules.

The Chargers have decided to take on the public in what will likely be a PR nightmare for the club. They acknowledged the new rules with a “thanks, but no thanks” attitude. According to Business Insider, this decision is based on the fact that majority of their revenue is generated through ticket sales, and they don’t exactly have the same opportunities as other teams for big revenue making sponsorships. The Chargers are willing to take on this PR nightmare because if ticket sales don’t give them reasons to stay in San Diego, then they know they will be welcomed to L.A. with open arms. Chargers fans, this means you need to buy tickets, or say good bye to the team that has represented San Diego for decades.

Let’s Take a Moment to Honor LaDainian Tomlinson

LaDainian Tomlinson officially announced his retirement from the NFL this past week, and returned to the Chargers to sign a one day contract so that he could retire from the team that he built his legacy with. Tomlinson had some remarkable seasons with the San Diego Chargers, including his most historic season when he set the single season record for touchdowns with 31 back in 2006. Tomlinson played as a member of the Chargers for nine of his eleven seasons in the NFL, and in those nine seasons as a Charger, Tomlinson rushed for over 1,000 yards in 8 of them, and for no less than 10 touchdowns during any of those seasons. Tomlinson is essentially guaranteed a spot in Canton as a result of the pure brilliance and dominance he played with as a member of the Chargers backfield.

The #21 will forever be remembered by Chargers fans as the number associated with one of the most talented running backs to not only play for the Chargers, but to play in the NFL.

Vincent Jackson Unlikely to be Franchise Tagged

According to SportingNews, it is unlikely that Vincent Jackson will receive the franchise tag. This means that on March 13th, Vincent Jackson will be an Unrestricted Free Agent and available for any team, including the San Diego Chargers, to extend an offer to. It had been speculated that if the Chargers were to use their Franchise Tag, it would be to retain their Pro Bowl receiver, Vincent Jackson. If the Chargers lose Jackson, they will have a big hole at the receiver position to fill, and I don’t think management feels that Malcolm Floyd had the ability to be the teams go to receiver for a whole season.

In addition to the news regarding Vincent Jackson, the San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl guard, Kris Dielman, was forced to retire after having another serious concussion during the game against the New York Jets last season. He made the decision so that he can live a healthy life and not risk another serious head injury if he continued to play.

Kris Dielman of San Diego Chargers to Retire

Kris Dielman of the San Diego Charger is expected to have a news conference on Thursday, announcing his retirement from the NFL.  Dielman’s retirement does not seem to be voluntary, as he was on the Chargers roaster for the 2012 season and was expected to earn about $5.5 million for the season. Dielman was regarded as one the NFL players with great potential, and was hoping to risk his health in pursuit of winning a Super Bowl ring, but due to multiple injuries and other health issues, he is forced to retire at the early age of 31.

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Chargers 3 and Out – Two Coaches Leave But Team Will Stay in San Diego for 2012 Season

A disappointing season for the San Diego Chargers has resulted in the firing of one coach and the resignation of another long time Charger coach. Also, the Chargers were among the teams that were looking to take a gamble on moving their teams to Los Angeles. However, the Chargers will not be the team that will play roulette with their franchise by moving the team to LA. Check out these stories in the latest Chargers 3 and out.

After a disappointing 8-8 record this season, the San Diego Chargers fired defensive coordinator Greg Mandusky on January 5th after just one year at the position. They replaced him with linebackers coach John Pagano. The firing came just a couple of days after the team announced that general manager A.J. Smith and Chargers head coach Norv Turner would be returning next season.

Pagano was surprised at the move due to his closeness with Manusky but took the move in stride. He said that, “It’s a bittersweet day. I’m excited about the opportunity, don’t get me wrong, but I love him very dearly.” Coach Turner deflected some of the blame from the ex-Coordinator and onto some of the players. He stated that, “Under the circumstances, he and his staff have done a good job.”

Following Manusky’s firing, Chargers long time coach and offensive coordinator Clarence Shelmon decided to step down on January 10th and will not return to the team next season. Shelmon was with the Chargers for 10 seasons and served as offensive coordinator for the team from 2007-2011. In a statement from the former offensive coordinator, Shelmon stated, “I’m just done. You know when it’s time. It’s time for me to go and do some other things with my life.” Shelmon spent 21 of his 37 years in football in the NFL

Some good news for Chargers fans is that the Chargers will be staying in San Diego for the 2012 season. Team president Dean Spanos made an announcement last week that he will not exercise an option to move the Chargers out of San Diego for at least the next year. He stated that the and the mayor of San Diego are committed to trying to get a stadium deal done and will work closely to keep the team in San Diego.

Hopefully the potential of the new stadium will draw the fans out for the 2012 season and inspire the team to put on a performance that will convince the city to provide the funding for the stadium. Otherwise, they may have to take the gamble of going to Los Angeles. While that may seem like a good move, there is no guarantee that a move to LA will pay off significant dividends. For more games to gamble on similar to football, you can read more; click here; etc…

Chargers End Skid, Look to Buffalo Next

When the Chargers were 3-1, everyone thought the AFC West would go back to the Chargers. Then the unexpected happened, the Chargers dropped six straight games as did their place in the standings as they fell to last place in the West. But the Chargers were able to snap their 6 game skid against the Jaguars on Monday Night Football.

It was all Chargers early and it stayed that way as the Chargers won 38-14.  They scored on 5 of their first 6 drives and in total Philip Rivers threw for 294 yards and three touchdowns.

The Chargers are now 5-7 and to even think about the playoffs, they need to win out. That doesn’t even include the other loads of  help they will need to jump the Broncos and Raiders for the AFC West crown.

The Chargers start that journey Sunday when they return home to take on the Bills.  The Bills are in their own skid. After starting 5-2, The Bills have lost 5 straight and with each loss, are seeing their playoff chances slip away.

This is a favorable match-up. The Bills are without star running back Fred Jackson who they lost for the season. However, the most favorable of all match-ups in this game is that Philip Rivers will take on a defense with no pass rush. They only have 3 sacks during their five game losing streak.

Outcome: The Bills inability to the quarterback will allow Rivers to have another great game. Add that along with the play of Ryan Mathews who is showing you what he can do when healthy and this one has Chargers written all of it. The Chargers win 31-14.