Chargers 2019 Draft: What Not to Look For

Many punters are struggling to predict which new players the Chargers will pick this year. Normally, most fans make positive projections. However, some unexpected incidences occur occasionally. For example, a promo from Betfair was available last year since many people did not expect the Chargers to pick Derwin James. In this post, we discuss what not to look for in the Chargers 2019 draft.

Players with a High Football IQ

Avoid players who are considered smart. Some players play against weak conferences or for great teams to conceal their shortcomings. For instance, although Jahleel was smart, the Chargers did not draft him. On March this year, the Chargers posted Addae to an upstate farm to chase parked vehicles. He is a talented mogul. Nevertheless, his footspeed has significantly dropped of late.

Players with Rap Sheets

Do not draft players who have failed recent drug tests. Instead, conduct thorough research on their background. Also, avoid players with traces of cannabis in their bloodstreams. You could pick Johnny Manziel for a superb performance.

Don’t Pick Spanos

A.J Smith had few achievements when a Spanos directed the players. The owners trusted Smith. When a Spanos director is infuriated, they can fire an experienced coach like Marty Schottenheimer. It could result in a massive transfer of key players. Allow Tom Telesco to manage the team and fire him if he fails to meet his target. Tom Telesco proved his expertise in the Chargers’ recent games with Derwin James and Joey Bosa.

Small Players

Avoid drafting amateur players such as Jason Verrett who are usually shelved each season. However, you can pick Doug Fluties. He has a good winning record compared to many players. Besides, he started most NFL quarterbacks. The Chargers’ performance has steadily improved over the past offseason. They drafted prominent players such as Derwin James and Mike Pouncey.

Players with Recurring Injuries

Some bookers speculate that Denzel Perrymand and Jason Verrett will be free agents later this year. Verrett has been in five games for the last three seasons while Perryman missed over 20 games due to injuries.

The Chargers 2019 mock drafts are fast approaching. Several media outlets have posted numerous mocks in recent weeks. The Chargers are keen on drafting players who can solidify their offensive line. Learn more here to understand what they will do with their overall selection. It is prudent to prioritize your Chargers’ draft to get a promo code.

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