Will the Chargers be Successful in Los Angeles?

The Chargers made their entry in Los Angeles in 2017 and became the second NFL team in the city after the Rams. The move from San Diego where they played for 56 years seems to be a thing of the past with Los Angeles taking up the main spot right now. If you are into sports betting, we are sure you would have tried the draft promo code by now. It helps you bet on your favorite sports, as and when you want. And if you make the right prediction, you get to win big!

However, even if you haven’t and are a Chargers fan, you are sure to love the fact that the Chargers have a great prospect when it comes to succeeding in Los Angeles.

Chargers and the LA Sports Scene

The sports scene in LA is hot and happening and there are many events to keep your eyes on. The Dodgers have become a mainstream topic in the culture and lives of the LA folks so it would take a bit of effort from Chargers to lodge their position. We can be looking at a number of years before the Chargers get inclusion in songs like the Dodgers did in Beach Boy’s That Lucky Old Sun.

Though the Dodgers are on top right now, LA still has room for other sports like NFL to fit into the market. The Chargers will need to show some work as the city is a bit more receptive towards basketball than baseball. In this respect, the Lakers have their own spot in the hearts of LA people.

There seems to be two teams in football that are reigning in LA currently. We have seen a huge turnover at the USC tournament which has surpassed the attendance of both the Chargers and the Rams. But both team were expecting it and knew that they had a tough fight in front of them.

But the teams have been pleasantly surprised by the rise of three professional football leagues- the AAF and the XFL is going to rock the LA scene quite recently and we also have the Pacific Pro Football League up in the radar. Surely we are going to experience a lot of action and excitement in the coming days!

The tournaments are still a thing of the future for the Chargers. Right now they need to concentrate on what’s right before them and that is the Rams. They have shown quite a splendor and made the headlines with their recent off-season while the Raiders also followed in the same lines. But that is not a thing to worry about as success in NFL is only written by winning games on the field.

The Chargers will need to overcome the popularity of the Lakers who are doing quite well right now. The Chargers will have to stand out from the competition in their leagues and external matches and that is not going to be an easy task.

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