Pragmatic Offseason Trades to Fill NFL Contenders’ Loopholes

The NFL teams are going through a series of changes and players are changing teams like anything. There were 15 trades conducted during July and August 2017 which saw 21 players changing their home turf. We could witness more deals till the summer lasts but for now let’s check out some of the hypothetical offseason trades that could fit the bill. If you know a little about the sport, you would know that this offseason is going to see a lot of activity, with major clubs trying to woo in potential players/

It doesn’t matter whether you love watching the NFL, know it in and out or are just looking for the right BetAmerica Promo Code to bid and bet on the Chargers, we are sure you would love to know more about this!

Jordan Howard moves to San Francisco 49ers

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo of San Francisco 49ers is going to need backup to play his first full season in the role of NFL starter. But the team had to let go of Carlos Hyde who was able to carry the 240 times in 16 games.

The team roped in Jerick McKinnon for a $30 million deal for 4 years in place of Hyde. But he doesn’t have a proven track record like Hyde and never had carried the ball 160 times in the season. We have to wait and see if San Francisco gets a fitting player to team with McKinnon from the house of Chicago Bears.

DeSean Jackson moves back to the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens has the talented quarterback Joe Flacco but there isn’t anyone to support his moves. Moreover the team has lost players like John Brown and Willie Snead in the recent years.

If the Ravens want to create some magic and get someone to support Flacco, they should be looking up to Tampa Bay Buccaneers form a formidable pair. We have to wait and see if they go for DeSean Jackson after the fiasco with Jameis Winston.

The team surely has the money to pay Jackson $10 million that is owed to him for 2019 so we have to see what comes out of it.

Jack Doyle transfer to Los Angeles Chargers

Hunter Henry is not there anymore to provide support to the Los Angeles Chargers who they lost to ACL. On the other hand, the Indianapolis Colts got hold of Eric Ebron for $13 million for a two year deal in March.

Both the team would benefit from the transfer of Jack Doyle who has made a name in the second season with 80 catches for 690 yards and achieved a Pro Bowl nod. If the Colts want to make use of both tight ends they may have to go through a difficult bargain. We can see some movements between the teams of Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and the Chargers.

Which is your favorite team apart from the Chargers? Let us know below!

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