Keenan Allen brought into San Diego family

NFL: San Diego Chargers-Rookie MinicampNow that part of Philip Rivers problem is gone by drafting D.J. Fluker, its time to give him some weapons to target. The Chargers draft Keenan Allen in the third round to help out Philip Rivers. 

He had a successful career at the University of California. Over his three year career with the Golden Bears he racked up 205 catches for 2560 yards and seventeen touchdowns. He was and  All-Conference player and an All-American his freshman year. During his Sophomore year he was named first-team All-Pac-12. He broke Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson’s freshman records, during Allen’s freshman year he had fourty six receptions and 490 receiving yards. Allen has the physical characteristics to be a top receiver in the NFL, but a left-knee injury late last season ruined that for him. He was side-lined from the Scouting Combine and reported to be “red-flagged” for his drug test he took. He ran a 4.71 fourty yard dash, and after another try a disappointing 4.75. However, in due time as the muscles in his knee begin to heal his fourty time will become faster and faster.

Resigning Danario Alexander and Malcolm Floyd was a start. Allen places fourth or fifth on the depth chart, but I do not see that holding with the talent they have in him. Allen could be a real steal in this years draft if he can set out to stay healthy and stay out of trouble off the field. He was projected to go in the first round or worst-case scenario early in the second round. That is, if he was still healthy. However, due to his knees and how they affected his fourty time, his draft stock decreased. Allowing the Chargers to pick him up in the third round.

With his play making abilities and his pure athletic ability, he could really help a weak Chargers wide receiver squad.

This years San Diego draft class is a great one, however, they are very special on the field as well as in terms of off the field. From Manti Te’o and his hoax to D.J. Fluker not signing his contract until late in the offseason, and even Keenan himself had his own mistake that he swears will never happen again.

Keenan Allen spotted wearing a Oakland Raider cap.

Keenan Allen spotted wearing a Oakland Raider cap.

During May, Keenan Allen took a video of himself getting a bite to eat at an In-N-Out Burger. However, little did he know that he may have just updating his status to the media world, but he was also wearing a Oakland Raider hat (shown right).

That started riots from San Diego fans… Maybe not riots but pretty close to it.

The Chargers and Raiders are rivals in their AFC West division and have been since the days of old. Which makes his mistake even worse.

I can understand though, how this could happen to a rookie like Keenan Allen.

Think about it, you go to the University of Cal for your college sports, you become a fan of the Oakland Raiders who are also located in California. You’re bound to have apparel of them. Even though you were drafted by the San Diego Chargers you forget about all of those old things you used to wear and, if you were to wear them, the effect it would have now that your on the Charger’s roster.

I’m sure Allen meant no harm from wearing the hat, but it set of fans nationwide. He also promised the fans it won’t ever happen again. However, fans are wanting more than that. Allen will have the perfect opportunity to make up for his “mistake” on October 6th. When they roll into Raider Nation. Keenan could really help clear his name by having a huge game that afternoon. It might not convince every single fan of his apology, however, it will certainly help him make a statement that he is on the Chargers team and wouldn’t want to be with any other team.

Where you upset when you saw what Keenan Allen was wearing? Have you forgave him or are you still skeptical? Let us know in the comment section below how you feel.




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