Towelgate Continues to Unfold

Jay Glazer made it known on Monday that the San Diego Chargers were being investigated for using an illegal sticky substance during their last game against the Denver Broncos. That substance was on a towel that the players used to wipe on their hands or gloves. According to the NFL, there is nothing allowed that adds tack to a player’s uniform or gloves, that is not already on the gloves.

This towel that San Diego was using, could have belonged to the manufacturer Gorilla Gold, who have stated that they had been providing these “Grip Enhancing” towels to football teams for years. The resin that is used on these towels does not leave any residue on the ball, so it is quite easy to understand how the referees may have not noticed this beforehand.

Unfortunately for the Chargers, this extra stickiness has not exactly helped their receivers. San Diego’s receivers have dropped too many passes this year and now considering they may have been using this Gorilla Gold to improve upon that, makes it look even worse.

The NFL has yet to decide on how to discipline the Chargers for this infraction. I would not expect too harsh of a penalty Perhaps a simple fine, but the NFL has been inconsistent in their fines before.

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