Turner Blames Gaither for Not Exiting Game

On the Chargers final drive against the Saints last Sunday, left tackle Jared Gaither injured his groin. He was in visible discomfort and could not properly block defensive end Martez Wilson. Norv Turner was quoted by U-T San Diego, that “He should have taken himself out.” Well that may be true, but if your a good coach, which you are not, Norv Turner, you take notice that your starting left tackle is hurt and send in backup Mike Harris to relieve him. Plus, you have to realize that Gaither had been chastised¬†for not playing during the first few games of the season, because of back spasms. So you know that he is going to want to prove that he is tough and can continue to play, even if he is hurt.

The bottom line is that Gaither should have taken himself out if he could not perform, but the coach should not throw him under the bus and he should be able to realize when adjustments should be made. Especially during the final drive of the game.

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