Malcom Floyd Receives Extension

Malcom Floyd has become the go to man for the Chargers. With his increase in productivity thus far in 2012, San Diego made sure that he would remain a Charger for the coming years by offering him a three year extension. Floyd’s height (6’5″) and length provides a large target for Rivers, and has allowed him to make big plays for the Chargers during his tenure. He has consistently ranked near the top of the league in yards per reception, and last year he even led the league in that category with 19.9 yards per reception.

Chargers GM, A.J. Smith was outspoken this week about Ryan Matthews fumbling problems. In an interview with Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego, A.J. Smith said “It has to stop. I believe you can improve in ball security. And no one works any harder in trying to get better than Ryan. However, if it continues he will play less.” Smith then went on to talk about how fumblers progressively lose playing time.

Personally I do not want the general manager of my franchise to be as outspoken as Smith is, but he does have a valid point. Matthews’ fumble on the three yard line last week against Atlanta, completely changed the complexion of the game. The positive is that fumbling is a correctable problem, that many running backs in the past have improved upon. Adrian Peterson and Tiki Barber come to mind as two talented backs who fumbled a lot and now Peterson never fumbles and Barber fumbled very seldom towards the end of his career.

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