Chargers Honor Junior Seau and Roll 38-10 in San Diego

It was a bittersweet victory for the Chargers yesterday, when they retired Junior Seau’s number before the game. Seau took his life earlier this year and was an all time great Charger and Hall of Fame linebacker. He had his number retired along side Dan Fouts and Lance “Bambi” Alworth.

San Diego started the game right with a long 12 play drive, capped off by an 11 yard touchdown pass to Dante Rosario. Rosario was playing for the inactive Antonio Gates who sat out with a rib injury. Both Gates and Ryan Matthews were questionable all week long and eventually it was decided they were not healthy enough to play.

In Matthews place, Jackie Battle and Curtis Brinkley filled in nicely, with  the Ronnie Brown experiment finally coming to an end. Norv Turner caught on and realized that Brown is washed up and does not deserve to be on a football field any longer. I had suggested before the season started that Battle should be given a shot with the productivity he provided the Chiefs late last year and he did exactly that yesterday, rushing 14 times for 69 yards and two scores.

This game did not stay interesting for very long. On Tennessee’s first possession, Jake Locker threw an interception to safety Eric Weddle


Photo by: Chris Williams/Icon SMI

on his first throw of the game. Weddle’s interception set up another touchdown pass for Philip Rivers, who yet again found Dante Rosario in the endzone. Rosario ended this game with four catches, three of them being touchdowns.

Halfway through the second quarter, Rivers threw what could have been a costly interception. However, the San Diego defense was stout all day long and did not allow Tennessee to get a first down in a 17-3 game. If the Titans were able to put some points on the board there it could have been a different game, but the Chargers defensive front did not give an inch to Chris Johnson on a second and one play, and prevented a completion on third down.

The second half of the game was pretty ho hum, with San Diego sealing the game on a touchdown with their second possession of the half. It was Rivers’ third touchdown pass to Rosario that broke Tennessee’s back.

From the looks of it, the Chargers have yet to play anyone that good, but if they can get healthy and play hard nosed defense continually this team will compete in the AFC West. San Diego could get some help from the Falcons tonight if they can defeat Denver at home.

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