Loss Of Matthews Leaves Things Uncertain For Chargers Offense

Coming off a heart breaking 8-8 season in 2011, Chargers fans have been eager to see what the team has in store for the 2012 season.  With a hungry Phillip Rivers ready to regain his elite quarterback status and a mixed bag of young and old players looking to finally bring a Lombardi trophy to the city, the Chargers looked poised to find their way back into the playoffs.

These hopes took a major hit in the first preseason game of the year, however, when Ryan Mathews went down with a broken clavicle.  This puts the Chargers at a severe disadvantage in the weeks coming up without him, as he is their primary running back.  With back-ups such as Jackie Battle and Donald Butler not looking tremendous in the  preseason, many fear that the Chargers may need to go to the air more than they should, which could lead to some bad play calls.

Phillip Rivers is already coming off of a disappointing year that saw him throw a staggering 20 interceptions with only 27 touchdowns for the season.  While he looks determined to get back to his old form, being put into a position where he has little to no running game could be very dangerous for him. He has been known to act rashly when put under pressure, and he will surely be put into the position where he has to throw a great deal more than if he had Mathews behind him, ready to eat up yardage.

When considering NFL picks in the upcoming weeks, you may want to shy away from the Chargers.  They hardly have a reputation for winning a great deal of the games in the past few seasons, and considering their top back is out, their offense may not have the weapons it needs to win their upcoming match-ups.

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