Chargers Health Becoming an Issue

There is one thing you do not want to see in pre-season other than bad play, and that is injuries. With  left tackle Jared Gaither, left guard Tyronne Green and center Nick Hardwick injured, Norv Turner made the smart decision by not playing Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates on Friday. Generally the starters play a full half in the third pre-season game, but there is no reason to submit your quarterback to Jared Allen in a meaningless game.

San Diego’s defense played well against a scrub filled Vikings offense, who did not play their star running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson is practicing but does not want to expose his knee to hits just yet. With plenty of injuries already, it was not a good site when Melvin Ingram, rookie linebacker, was assisted off the field. Ingram came away with just a thigh bruise and will reportedly be ready for the opener along with running back Ryan Matthews.

Expect no one of importance playing in the Chargers’ final pre-season game. For the psyche of the team alone it could be damaging to witness another player getting injured. I do not think it is going out on a limb that this is finally the make or break season for Norv Turner. He has been on the hot seat for what seems like forever. The one thing that gives you confidence is that although the Broncos added Peyton Manning, the Chargers seem to have the most talented team in the AFC West. It will be up to Norv to make the pieces come together and excel as unit.

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