Chargers want your Money! Threaten Black-Outs if Tickets go Unsold

After reports surfaced that the NFL’s attendance peaked in 2007 and has since then decreased by 4.5%, the NFL adjusted their rules to lessen the required attendance at games to avoid black-outs. Starting this season, teams only need to fill 85% of the stadiums to avoid local black-outs, which has happened to the Chargers six times in the past two seasons. However, just because the NFL now permits lower attendance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the teams need to go along with the more lenient rules.

The Chargers have decided to take on the public in what will likely be a PR nightmare for the club. They acknowledged the new rules with a “thanks, but no thanks” attitude. According to Business Insider, this decision is based on the fact that majority of their revenue is generated through ticket sales, and they don’t exactly have the same opportunities as other teams for big revenue making sponsorships. The Chargers are willing to take on this PR nightmare because if ticket sales don’t give them reasons to stay in San Diego, then they know they will be welcomed to L.A. with open arms. Chargers fans, this means you need to buy tickets, or say good bye to the team that has represented San Diego for decades.

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