Chargers 3 and Out – Two Coaches Leave But Team Will Stay in San Diego for 2012 Season

A disappointing season for the San Diego Chargers has resulted in the firing of one coach and the resignation of another long time Charger coach. Also, the Chargers were among the teams that were looking to take a gamble on moving their teams to Los Angeles. However, the Chargers will not be the team that will play roulette with their franchise by moving the team to LA. Check out these stories in the latest Chargers 3 and out.

After a disappointing 8-8 record this season, the San Diego Chargers fired defensive coordinator Greg Mandusky on January 5th after just one year at the position. They replaced him with linebackers coach John Pagano. The firing came just a couple of days after the team announced that general manager A.J. Smith and Chargers head coach Norv Turner would be returning next season.

Pagano was surprised at the move due to his closeness with Manusky but took the move in stride. He said that, “It’s a bittersweet day. I’m excited about the opportunity, don’t get me wrong, but I love him very dearly.” Coach Turner deflected some of the blame from the ex-Coordinator and onto some of the players. He stated that, “Under the circumstances, he and his staff have done a good job.”

Following Manusky’s firing, Chargers long time coach and offensive coordinator Clarence Shelmon decided to step down on January 10th and will not return to the team next season. Shelmon was with the Chargers for 10 seasons and served as offensive coordinator for the team from 2007-2011. In a statement from the former offensive coordinator, Shelmon stated, “I’m just done. You know when it’s time. It’s time for me to go and do some other things with my life.” Shelmon spent 21 of his 37 years in football in the NFL

Some good news for Chargers fans is that the Chargers will be staying in San Diego for the 2012 season. Team president Dean Spanos made an announcement last week that he will not exercise an option to move the Chargers out of San Diego for at least the next year. He stated that the and the mayor of San Diego are committed to trying to get a stadium deal done and will work closely to keep the team in San Diego.

Hopefully the potential of the new stadium will draw the fans out for the 2012 season and inspire the team to put on a performance that will convince the city to provide the funding for the stadium. Otherwise, they may have to take the gamble of going to Los Angeles. While that may seem like a good move, there is no guarantee that a move to LA will pay off significant dividends. For more games to gamble on similar to football, you can read more; click here; etc…

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